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Unlimited High-Speed Internet at Your Fingertips

Enjoy unparalleled speed without limits, and break free from the chains of contracts with our easy pricing plans.

Understanding internet plans can be complicated and intimidating.

Whether you need to power multiple smart devices, support simultaneous video conference calls, or fast speeds to upload large media files, Boundless has an internet plan to address all your bandwidth needs. Here’s what you need to know: Boundless pricing is determined by speed. Not the data allowance. With fiber internet, there are no data caps or throttling.

Lightning-fast Internet Speeds with No Limits

With our cutting-edge fiber-optic network, enjoy lightning speed for seamless streaming, downloading, and gaming.

Secure and Reliable Connection

Count on our fiber-optic internet technology for a secure, reliable connection with fast, symmetrical upload and download speeds.

Transparent Pricing,
Local Support

As your neighborly internet partner, our pricing is transparent with no hidden fees. Boundless delivers unrivaled support to our communities from dedicated local experts.

Our Most Popular Plan


As much upload and download speed as you need.*
Wireless router rental included.

Perfect for:
  • Working remotely with seamless video conferences.
  • Using multiple streaming devices or gaming consoles with reduced latency and lag times.
  • Online content creators who upload and download large videos and image files.
  • Using multiple home smart appliances and devices.
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Also offering

1 Gig

Upload and download speeds.
Wireless router rental included.

Perfect for:
  • Streaming movies and videos on all your families’ devices.
  • Browsing and shopping online.
  • Connecting flawlessly online with family and friends with no downtime.
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Unlock lightning-fast fiber internet today

We’re here to help make sure you select the right plan for you and your family. And don’t worry—you will always be connected to a real, live person from our customer service team.

boundless limitless speed

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Boundless internet service available?

We are currently serving Fiber Internet to homes and businesses Vermont, St Johnsbury, Danville, Lunenburg, and surrounding areas.

Will Boundless be expanding to other areas?

Boundless will be expanding to other areas. Please check our website frequently to find out if we will be building in your neighborhood.

I live in Vermont and do not know if my house or business is serviceable by Boundless.

Just fill out the inquiry form, and we’ll be in touch soon. If needed, we will schedule a time to check things out before we can set up the service. We call this a Site Survey.

What do you do for a Site Survey? Do you need me to be home for it?

We’ll check the best route for your connection, whether underground or aerial. If going underground, we’ll explore conduit options and discuss with you. For aerial connections, we’ll ensure a clear path. We’ll locate where your line will need to plug into our fiber network, perform safety checks, and document everything on your site survey, which will be in your Boundless account for reference.

How long will it take to have my Boundless internet installed for the first time and do I need to be home?

Yes, please be home and you can expect the installation to take about 3 hours.

Can you run fiber through my existing conduit?

Although our standard installation is aerial and uses outdoor poles, we may be able to run the fiber through an existing conduit. A Site Survey will be necessary to determine whether this is an option for you. Please contact our customer service team at  or call us at 802-552-0426 for more information.

Does Boundless offer a Wi-Fi router?

Yes, You’ll get a router with both the 1 Gig and Boundless plans. While you can bring your own, we really suggest using our Boundless router for top-notch speeds and support. And, your plan price stays the same whether you use our router or your own.

Can I upgrade to the Boundless plan?

Yes, the Boundless plan will provide you with as much speed and you and your family need (up to 10 Gbps). Please email us at  or call us at 802-552-0426.

What payment methods does Boundless accept?

We accept credit and debit card payments or a direct debit through your bank account. You can manage billing information through the Boundless Customer Portal at online billing and account portal.

Can I set up automatic payments?

Absolutely, we encourage you to sign up for automatic payments that way you never have to think about it. You can sign up through the Boundless Customer Portal online billing and account portal.

Why did I receive two invoices during my first month of service?

For your first month with us, you’ll get two bills. The first one covers the part of the month when your service began, and the second one is for the full following month. After that, you’ll just receive one bill per month as usual.

Where can I find your terms of service?

You can find the terms of service for Boundless here.

*The Boundless package provides speeds up to 10 Gbps. Speeds delivered are dependent on customer devices. Boundless service may not be available in all areas.